Visas and other entry requirements

Visa stamp

Some simple points to remember...

  • You MUST be sure that you meet any visa or general entry requirements before travelling.
  • Citizens of countries inside the EEA (European Economic Area) do not need visa to enter Ireland.
  • If you are from outside the EEA, you must investigate entry requirements from your country of origin (the passport you hold). A visa is not required from many countries. For further information see HERE or find the Irish embassy in your country HERE

Even if no visa is required, there may be general requirements such as:

  • Evidence of sufficient funds to support yourself
  • A return ticket if you are not from the EEA Read more...
  • Evidence of where you are staying, with contact information. Read more...
  • Evidence of Health insurance that includes cover for a hospital stay

Got enough money?

Even if you do not need a visa, if you are from outside the EEA, you may be asked to show evidence of having 'sufficient funds' for your stay in Ireland. There is no fixed definition of 'sufficient funds'. As WWOOFers will not be paying for accomodation the level of funding required may be less than for a tourist. You may still need to show that you can support yourself for the duration of your stay, if you leave a host earlier than planned. You will need cash or an original bank statement with a card to access the account.

Can you get home?

You may need to show evidence of travel arrangements to leave Ireland within the time allowed, which is usually 90 days, if you are from outside the EEA. This would normally be a valid ticket.

Where are you staying?

You may be asked to show where you will be staying while in Ireland. You should have details of hosts you have made arrangements with, including verifiable contact details. We are currently working on a way to provide documentation approved by Irish Immigration, if requested well in advance of your visit.

Going to Northern Ireland and the UK?

Remember that there is a border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland which is part of the UK. If you are from outside the EEA and intend to leave Ireland for Northern Ireland and the UK, you must be sure to check the entry rules. There are also rules about re-entering Ireland from Northern Ireland and the UK. More information about re-entry is available HERE