Feedback policy

When feedback is left, we view it first. Positive feedback will be published. We investigate negative feedback and attempt to resolve any issues it raises. We take any action we consider necessary to solve problems.

When giving feedback on a host it is good to bear in mind the 'WWOOF Host Commitment'

The purpose of feedback is

  • To give all WWOOF Ireland members (WWOOFers and Hosts) the best possible WWOOFing experience
  • To help solve problems that may arise
  • To help make the WWOOF Ireland community stronger

Feedback policy

  • All feedback must be fair, honest and reasonable. You must be able to substantiate everything you say.
  • Feedback must be based on first-hand experience, not hearsay or gossip.
  • Feedback comments must not be defamatory, threatening or abusive in any way.
  • Feedback must only refer to the member it is directly related to. It must not include direct or inidirect references to other members.
  • Members should contact the WWOOF Ireland team about any feedback comments they object to
  • No personal contact details may be exposed in feedback comments.
  • The WWOOF Ireland team retain the right to edit, remove or otherwise alter any feedback.

Disputes and complaints

  • Members are encouraged to contact the WWOOF Ireland team with any complaints they have about other members
  • The WWOOF Ireland team promises to follow up any negative public or private feedback as necessary and to do our best to resolve any disputes or complaints and reach a fair result.
  • At our discretion we will make additions and/or alterations to feedback comments or remove them. 
  • To view our complaints policy, please see Here