The WWOOFer Commitment

A pair of Boots
  • I want to learn by being a WWOOFer
  • I will be willing to help with tasks that may be hard, be prepared to be outdoors in all weather and get dirty.
  • I will remember that my host is welcoming me as a guest into their home and will repay them with my commitment and time.
  • I will remember that my host may be very busy and I may need to complete tasks on my own and without supervision.
  • I will be patient and open-minded. I will have reasonable expectations.
  • I will not take time off unless agreed with my host, and I will not leave before the agreed date unless there are very good reasons.
  • I will remember that my host may hold different views to mine. I will be prepared to accept different life styles and ideas.
  • I will discuss difficulties if they arise and remember that misunderstandings can be resolved by a simple talk!
  • I will travel in the spirit of humanity and with a genuine desire to learn more about the people and culture of the Island of Ireland
  • I will have appropriate insurance cover for the type of activities I may be asked to do. Insurance is available from OveuropaInternational Volunteer Card or
  • I will be responsible for investigating entry requirements to Ireland and have the appropriate papers for Immigration control.
  • I will create my profile and provide my contact details in 'My WWOOFer Information' within 14 days of subscribing. I will not contact hosts before I have created my profile.

If you have questions about anything in the WWOOFer commitment, look for answers in the Help section. If you can't find answers there, you can contact the WWOOF Ireland team.