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Hello hosts!

I´m interested to work with some family or team which need it. I`m a hard worker and I could help with housework, cleaning, cooking, take care of kids, etc. I like the animals and although I`m not much experience I would like to learn, and the same with field tasks.
I would like to know who may be interested in my collaboration and offer me accommodation.
I like nature, tranquility, music, the exercise, and especially to live in harmony with my social and natural environment.

Posted by Lola 1 week 2 days ago

Quinnsboro horse and cattle farm

looking for dedicated team player who wants to learn about horses and farming genuinely.
we have hosted over 50 woofers, mostly from Germany, it has been a wonderful shared experience.
excellent conditions, own room, wifi, good heat in the house all modern facilities and we grow a lot of our own food seasonally.
fresh soup is made every second day and woofers are expected to contribute to farm and help in the house.
you must love dogs and cats we have a lot!!
If you are a team player and want to learn English and learn about the land apply.
you will need warm coat, hat, waterproof boots, gloves.
day starts with horses and dogs.
then breakfast our own eggs, woofer will look after hens.
yard work and clean up kitchen hoover up clean up etc
usually free time in the afternoon.
then some yard work
we all help with dinner.
Saturdays and Sundays off . The woofers who had the best experience here travelled a lot to see Ireland at the weekends.

Posted by mary fanning 1 week 3 days ago

We need your help!

Hey there!
Me (Lucy) and a friend of mine (Anika) already stayed on a farm in Ireland.
Our plan was to get some experiences with the farm lifestyle, get in touch with animals and of course have a good time in Ireland.
- but then the police needed to escort us from the farm we’re staying because it wasn’t that save for us to stay there any longer.
Which means we dont have a place to stay until February 3th
We would be so extremely thankful if you could help us out!
We are motivated to work with you. We both love animals and are open for any work with them. (Btw: one of us is vegetarian)

We’re in the near of Dublin right now and are willing to travel all over Ireland if we could stay at your place :)

We look forward to hearing from you.

Posted by anikaundlucy 1 week 3 days ago

Yurts, hot tubs, creative projects

Hello lovely souls
We are inviting you to come and help us fulfil our dream of building a creative and wellness centre in roscommon in the hidden heartlands we are nearly there and need some hardworking, creative people to help us on the land and help in the house and looking after our little 1.5yr old fairy Check out our profile for more info. Hopefully meet you one day.

Posted by Wes and Tuesday 1 week 4 days ago

Looking for help for two weeks in January/February

Hi All,

We are looking for help on our small holding here in County Wicklow for two weeks in January or February. We live in a country house with a large garden and orchard near to Glendalough. We have a tennis court which you can use in your spare time if you like. We are also near to Wicklow town and 40 mins by bus from South Dublin. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

Posted by charlie.butler 1 week 4 days ago

Pairs of wooffers wanted in beautiful Clare on the Wild Atlantic Way

Hello friends I haven't met yet!
If you are a couple or 2-3 friends looking for a place together, this might be ideal for you. I need help with the organic garden and veg growing, looking after my 2 cute dogs, painting, building, weeding, sowing and planting, composting, mosaic tiling, cooking etc. My place is also an AirBnB and a historic and cosy place to stay. I need help in April-July.
I look forward to welcoming you!

Posted by Jude Devine 1 week 4 days ago

Come wwoof with us!

The end of the decade, 2030, is the deadline that humanity has set itself, both in the United Nations sustainable development goals and in the Paris agreement on climate change. Climate change de-stabilises politics. Unstable politics cannot meet the challenge of climate change.

It is possible to sequester carbon and restore our collapsing ecosystem using the earth’s own resources, whilst improving the quality of our food, water, air and general health. Climate change, while partly a consequence of the excessive relocation of carbon and other elements from the earth into the atmosphere, is just one symptom of overall ecosystem distress from over-tilling, over-grazing, over-burning, over-hunting, over-fishing and deforestation. Even if we could immediately cut emissions to zero, due to inertia in the system it would take more than 100 years for CO2 levels to drop to 350 parts per million, which is considered the safe threshold.

Our most powerful partner is nature itself, which evolved the most efficient carbon sequestration system. Before farmland was cultivated soil carbon levels measured from 3% to 7%. Today, those levels average 1%. If every acre of farmland globally were returned to a soil carbon level of just 3%, 1 trillion tons of carbon dioxide would be removed from the atmosphere and stored in the soil – equal to the amount of carbon that has been drawn into the atmosphere since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution 200 years ago.

“Regenerative” farming practices including planting cover crops, no-till farming, rotating crops, reducing chemicals and fertilizers, and managed grazing (combining trees, forage plants and livestock together as an integrated system - “silvopasture”) drive carbon into the soil and keep it there, resulting in carbon-enriched soils that are healthier and more resilient to extreme weather conditions and show improved water permeability, preventing the rainwater runoff that contributes to rising sea levels and rising temperatures. Evaporation from degraded soil has been shown to cause 1,600% more heat annually than all the world’s powerhouses combined.

We are trying to implement these ideas at Leaththaobh Nephin More and welcome WOOFing Volunteers from mid-April 2020 to mid-November 2020 to learn with us and take away with them empowering techniques and ideas for sustainability.

Last year we established 3 Hectares of Native Deciduous Woodland (around 8,000 trees!!!), repaired 40 Meters of traditional dry-stone boundary wall, stripped weeds and dug off topsoil from 100-year-old cobbled/flag-stoned pathways, renovated a 250-year-old stone farmhouse, worked to eradicate invasive species (including Hogweed), hung 8 new farm-gates (only 3 more to go and we’re fully stock-proof!!!) and prepared land for establishment of vegetable and herb-gardens.

These will continue into the year to come. In addition outhouses and shed-roofs need repair. You shall lift Native Deciduous trees (including holly, heritage apple-trees and willow) from “nursery plots” for replanting in permanent location. You shall weed, establish access pathways through newly-planted forest, set up an organic vegetable garden. We are experimenting with use of briar and coppiced wood to create natural fences and boundaries. In the autumn you shall harvest fruit from small orchard, plant more green manure and cover-crops. Depending on how much WOOFer Volunteer help is available might also make a small wildlife pond and set up a polytunnel. Throughout the year there is digging, planting, weeding, composting………..all in the context of the wildness and beauty of County Mayo’s mountains and the nearby coastline of The Wild Atlantic Way. You need to be physically fit and have the constitution for manual labour. You will eat heartily (omnivorous diet, organic food) and sleep well.

You will need your own work-clothes – a pair of wellies (waterproof boots), suitable socks, a warm jumper, a raincoat. We happily drive volunteers to places of historic or cultural interest and the walks, lakes and sea are a paradise. Accommodation is 1 large room in the house that fits 2 females.
Meals are cooked and eaten communally. In summer we have 2 family-size tents each of which sleeps 3 volunteers. As the cottage renovation progresses, more accommodation for volunteers shall be available.

You need to arrange your own insurance in advance and bring a valid I.D. Write to us and let us know your motivation for volunteering. We would like to hear your interests and experience of growing things, nationality, age, proposed dates of arrival and departure and how you think you could help with the project described in our Profile. Applications from single volunteers are particularly welcome. These have the richest experience as they engage more fully in the project and learn more. We would speak on the phone to sort out details. We would pick you up at the nearest train or coach station or airport.

Please use the password CANDO in your application to demonstrate you have read this fully. Thank you.

Posted by Marie Hebe Comerford 1 week 5 days ago

Extra space for the month of may and on

A New years greetings to you all.
We have got some rooms free and lots of exiting things to do coming up in may. We will be sowing, planting and harvesting a wide range of salads, veggies and herbs, all these will be carted off to a local farmers market every weekend to be sold.
There is no denying that weeding will be happening too, sorry but for the well being of our plants it has to happen from time to time.
Please do check out our host profile to get a better picture of our farm.

Many thanks and all the best from
Noinin Farm :)

Posted by Tobias Oertel 1 week 5 days ago

Italian lady looking for wwoofing from March 7 to March 28

Hi, I'm Lucia, a middle-aged Italian lady interested in having a woofer experience in your country.
I specify that I have no cultivation experience, but I am very interested, physically strong and in excellent condition.
I am also a good cook and therefore I could also be useful in the kitchen.
My English is not fluent but I don't think language can be a problem, I learn easily and I imagine it is more important to have two good arms.
Thanks in advance for your interest.
Lucia Disilluso

Posted by bio2019 1 week 6 days ago