The Host Commitment

A seedling

To be a WWOOF Ireland Host you must agree to this commitment...

  • To be following organic growing principles and a sustainable lifestyle.
  • To be prepared to welcome WWOOFers into your household and care for their needs.
  • To provide good wholesome meals, or ingredients and cooking facilities.
  • To provide accommodation which is clean, dry and warm in winter.
  • To ensure that WWOOFers are given adequate instruction relating to health and safety and not allow them to use powered hand tools except for a strimmer with a line (not a blade).
  • To provide WWOOFers with a variety of tasks suited to their abilities.
  • To provide opportunities for learning new skills by working alongside WWOOFers when necessary.
  • Not to use WWOOFers as substitutes for paid workers and no monetary payment to exchange hands from either party.
  • To ensure that WWOOFers fully understand the hours of volunteering expected from them when arranging placements - WWOOF Ireland usually recommends 20-25 hours a week but this is negotiable - and to give them adequate time off.
  • To be patient and open minded and avoid over-expectation of WWOOFers.
  • To discuss difficulties if they arise and remember that misunderstandings can be resolved by a simple talk!
  • To contact us if you need to report issues relating to individual WWOOFers.

If you have questions about anything in the Host Commitment, please look for answers in the Help section. If you can't find answers there, you can contact the WWOOF Ireland team.

* Please Note - If you fill in and submit an application that does not comply with our requirements stated here, we do offer a refund, but there will be a small non-refundable administration charge of five Euro.

I understand that by proceeding to the payment pages, I am agreeing to be bound by the Host Commitment.

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