How to be a host

A seedling

Before you start...

  • Hosts in Northern Ireland - please register with WWOOF UK HERE first.
    WWOOF Ireland will then contact you with the process to become listed as an Irish Host and your details will then appear on both sites. This will to enable you to receive WWOOFers registered with both UK and Ireland.
  • You must demonstrate a commitment to organic growing and sustainable living, and agree to the Host Commitment.
  • You must be prepared to welcome WWOOFers into your home and provide them with clean, warm, dry accommodation and nourishing food.
  • You must be prepared to share your knowledge and experience and to work alongside WWOOFers when necessary.

What to do...

  • To become a host you must agree to the Host Commitment and pay an annual subscription of €40, using a visa credit or debit card or send payment by post.
  • When you have paid, you must complete the host profile form and upload a picture (up to 4 are allowed).
  • Before being approved and published, you will be telephoned by the WWOOF Ireland team to have a quick chat, answer any questions and clarify your role as a host.
  • You cannot be contacted by WWOOFers, or put a notice on the noticeboard until your profile is approved. If your profile cannot be approved, your membership will be cancelled and your subscription refunded.
  • Once approved, your site will appear in the 'List of Hosts'. New hosts are also listed on WWOOFers' home pages.
  • WWOOFers who are interested in a placement with you will be able to contact you. Their message will be sent to your email address - the address is not revealed until you reply. Their message will include an automatic link to their profile page.
  • You can choose who to offer a place to. 
  • At busy times, you may receive many requests. Please always reply to WWOOFers, even if only to say 'Sorry, no places'! 
  • You can set up a Google Calendar to show when you have places free - it takes a little time but helps to keep track of bookings and may reduce requests when you are already full.
  • If you offer a place, tell WWOOFers what to expect, especially in terms of what they will be doing, hours and accommodation and answer any questions they may have. It is best to confirm dates and other arrangements as soon as you can and again at least a week before placements begin.
  • I will ensure that I have insurance which will cover any WWOOFing activity on my property for the duration of my membership.

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