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I'm planning on WWOOFing in Ireland this summer but am a bit concerned about the safety of just going to other people's farms. I am a single female and will be travelling alone. Are there any women here with experience WWOOFing solo?

Sheila Ellis
Hi Elana, I would suggest you

Hi Elana,

I would suggest you hook up with another wwoofer or try staying with families or female hosts if you are worried. I am a female host and I wwoofed on my own on a boat with a single older man, now that was not a wise idea, however it was brilliant wwoofing experience and it got me a free sail around the Whitsunday Islands. It potentially was a very dangerous move, I would take your hosts address and telephone number and tell them you are sending it to your parents so they can contact you.

Happy and safe wwoofing

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I'm going to be in Ireland

I'm going to be in Ireland for the summer (I'm leaving at the end of this month). I also am in the same situation, female traveling alone. If you are interested I would be very happy to have company, even if it's just for a little while.

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Hi Elana, I am a single

Hi Elana,
I am a single female WWOOFing for the first time this summer, I plan on being in Ireland in July & August. I would love to meet up and WWOOF together if you would like!

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i'm a 17 year old lady from

i'm a 17 year old lady from the northwest u.s., wwoofing solo this spring to ireland. last summer my family and i wwoofed in the northeast, but they're going to stay home and root for me this time. i've never crossed the atlantic, and i'm not sure what to expect. i'm happy to share the joys of travelling with a like-minded individual.....there probably is such a person....

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Hello! I'm Marley, a new

Hello! I'm Marley, a new WWOOFer from the U.S. I am having similar concerns and thoughts to others here. I would totally love to meet up with someone, if only for a little bit, if we are in Ireland at the same time. It would be great to spend some time with another WWOOFer. I will be there from the beginning of April to mid or late May. It's so nice to see other young women traveling! Good luck to us all!

Sue Walker
Hi Elana, I am a woof host

Hi Elana,

I am a woof host and have been for over 11 years now. I have hosted many single women
woofers here at Sue's Place. I have noticed over the years that single woofers actually
gain far more from woofing on their own. A better connection is made between us, which with some woofers last for years. I always collect my woofers from the bus stop and return you to a bus stop at the end of your stay. I also ask you to either email, phone or text when you reach the next host or have returned home. Hope that this makes you feel happier.

Love and Blessings Sue Walker

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I also travelled alone as a

I also travelled alone as a single woman and WWOOFed in three different countries (Peru, Finland and Poland). I would favour family settings or female hosts, but otherwise I just followed my instincts. Having a mobile phone means you can always contact friends and family in any kind of emergency, so I would certainly recommend that.

Good luck!


Jo Fowler
We have hosted hundreds of

We have hosted hundreds of WWOOFers and find whether you travel alone or with a companion, it's always a rewarding experience to stay on a farm with other WWOOFers present. Maybe you could look for hosts that take multiple WWOOFers if you don't feel confident going alone.