Pay your subscription by post

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If you live in the Republic of Ireland you can send a cheque made payable to WWOOF Ireland Ltd. Please note: We cannot accept foreign cheques, even in Euros.

To subscribe by post please complete the form Here and send with your payment to the address below.

When your subscription is due for renewal you will receive an email reminder- if you wish to renew you must print the email and send it with the payment.

If you did not receive a reminder, please provide your WWOOF Ireland username and e-mail address. 

When the payment has been cleared, we will confirm by e-mail.

Postal subscription rates

  • Single WWOOFer 25 Euro (or 30 US Dollars) 
  • Joint/Family WWOOFer 35 Euro (or 40 US Dollars)

When sending cash, please wrap it in tin foil.

Postal address:

WWOOF Ireland
Republic of Ireland
P75 D776