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List of WWOOF organisations

The countries listed here have a national WWOOF organisation - to find out about WWOOFing in that county, contact the national WWOOF organisation directly. Each national organisation has its own membership arrangements and a separate membership fee. If you want to WWOOF in a country that is not listed here, look at the List of Independent Hosts.

WWOOF UK (United Kingdom of Great Britain and N. Ireland)

England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the UK). To WWOOF in the UK, join WWOOF UK. PO Box 2154, Winslow, Buckingham, MK18 3WS, England, U.K. Membership £20.00 Joint Membership £30.00 Email : hello{at}wwoof.org.uk Web : www.wwoof.org.uk

WWOOF Argentina

Email : wwoofargentina{at}gmail.com Web : http://www.wwoofargentina.com For more info please check out our web site. If you have any questions email us.

WWOOF Australia

WWOOF, Buchan, Vic 3885, Australia. Phone : +61(0)3-5155-0218 Fax : +61(0)3-5155-0342 Email : wwoof{at}wwoof.com.au Web : www.wwoof.com.au Run on a fix-it-yourself basis only. Not all listings are farms. Currently listing over 1600 hosts around Australia in our WWOOF Australia book.

WWOOF Austria

Hildegard Gottlieb Address :Pichling 277/9, A 8510 Stainz, Austria Phone/fax +43 (0)3463 32096 Mobile : +43-(0)676-5051639 Membership of WWOOF Austria covers about 200 farms. Orders from outside Austria must enclose + 2 US$ or Euro, IRC not longer accepted! Austrian farmlist US$ 25 or 20 Euros Email : wwoof.welcome{at}utanet.at Web : www.wwoof.at.tf

WWOOF Bangladesh

Email: ar_forest{at}yahoo.com  www.wwoofbangladesh.org
Professor MA Rahman, Sustainable Agricultural Sciences, IUBAT—International University of Business Agriculture and Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh

WWOOF Belize

Email : wwoofbelize{at}yahoo.com  Web : www.wwoofbelize.com

WWOOF Brazil

Email : wwoofbrazil{at}gmail.com Web : www.wwoofbrazil.com

WWOOF Bulgaria

c/o CROP Foundation, Jelen 2267, Bulgaria Tel: 00359(0)888518578 Email : wwoofbulgaria{at}hotmail.com Web : www.wwoofbulgaria.org Membership is currently free for hosts and volunteers

WWOOF Canada

WWOOF-Canada, 4429 Carlson Road, Nelson, B.C. Canada, VIL 6X3 Tel : 250 354 4417. Email : wwoofcan{at}shaw.ca Web : www.wwoof.ca


Membership : $15 USA Dollars - contact Gaston Fernandez Email : organic{at}123mail.cl Web :www.wwoofchile.cl


Membership : $40 USA Dollars Email : support{at}wwoofchina.org Web : www.wwoofchina.org

WWOOF Costa Rica

Membership cost: US$15 We also offer a joint membership with WWOOF Mexico for US$28 (see www.wwoofmexico.com) Email : wwoofcostarica{at}yahoo.com Web : www.wwoofcostarica.com

WWOOF Czech Republic

Areaviva (L. Navratilova), Plynarni 2, Ricany,251 01 ,Czech Republic For host list send membership application form available from AREA Viva or from the website. Send with 15$ or GBP£10 sterling or 15 euros cash wrapped in kitchen foil and extra paper wrapping. To send bank drafts, contact us. Tel : (+420) 776 726 217 (Martin) or (+420) 736 201 670 (Lenka) Email : wwoof.cz{at}seznam.cz Web : www.wwoof.ecn.cz

WWOOF Denmark

Bent & Inga Nielsen, Asenvej 35, 9881 Bindslev, Denmark. Membership : Dkr. 50 or Euro 10. Please include an addressed envelope (min 20 x 15 cm). WWOOFing is run on a fix-it-yourself basis. Tel : +45 9893 8607 Email : info{at}wwoof.dk Web : www.wwoof.dk

WWOOF Ecuador

Anne Petersen Cost of Membership: $10 U.S. Dollars email : contact{at}wwoofecuador.com web : www.wwoofecuador.com

WWOOF Estonia

Aita Mets (+372 56 505 936) Email: info{at}wwoof.ee Web : www.wwoof.ee

WWOOF France

Email: hello{at}wwoof.fr Web : www.wwoof.fr

WWOOF Germany

Postfach 210 259, 01263 Dresden, Germany. Membership : 18 Euros (no other currency) + 2xIRC. Email : info{at}wwoof.de Web : www.wwoof.de


Kenneth Nortey-Mensah, PO Box 154, Trade Fair Centre, Accra, Ghana. Membership : 25 US dollars + 3 x IRC. Tel : +233-244-773971 Email : kingzeeh{at}yahoo.co.uk

WWOOF Hawaii

80 hosts on 4 Islands - see web site Web : www.wwoofhawaii.org

WWOOF Hungary

a list of host farms throughout Hungary. Currently, membership is free.
Web: www.wwoof.hu


Membership: individual 20 US$, Couple 30 US$ Email: sewak{at}india.com Web: www.wwoofindia.org

WWOOF Israel

Currently about 21 WWOOF farms listed Membership: For Israelis - the membership is 80 shkalim for single 130 shkalim per couple From All other countries - the membership is 20 EUROS or 32 US Dollars EACH PERSON 35 EUROS or 55 US Dollars PER COUPLE Web: www.wwoof.org.il


Contact: Bridget Matthews, 109 via Casavecchia, 57022 Castagneto Carducci, LI, ITALY. Membership for WWOOF Italia is now 25 Euros and only cash and bank drafts in Euros can now be accepted. Email : info{at}wwoof.it Web : www.wwoof.it


Contact : WWOOF Japan, 6-7, 2-jo, 3-chome, Honcho, Higashi-ku, Sapporo, 065-0042, Japan. The WWOOF Japan lists hundreds of hosts all over Japan and adding new hosts weekly. The list costs $50 Australian, or $40 American, or JPN4000 Japanese Yen and is available as a PDF file downloadable document to WWOOFers who have internet access. Fax : +81-11-780-4908 Email : Via the contact form on our website Web : www.wwoofjapan.com

WWOOF Kazakhstan

Web : www.wwoofkazakhstan.org/


140-29, Gye-Dong, Jongro-Gu, Seoul 100-270, Korea Farm list and farm contact service. Not all on list are organic farms. Membership : US$30 (inclusive of international postage) or KRW30,000 PHONE: +82 -(0)2-723-4458 FAX: +82 (0)2 723 9996 Email : wwoofkorea{at}yahoo.co.kr Web : www.wwoofkorea.co.kr

WWOOF Mexico

Membership : US$20 Email: wwoofmexico{at}yahoo.com Web : www.wwoofmexico.com


Membership : US$30. Joint membership (two people travelling together) : US$40. Contact: WWOOF Nepal, GPO BOX 4837, Kathmandu, Nepal. Phone : 009771-4363418, 9841400921(Cell) Email: wwoofnepal{at}gmail.com Web : www.wwoofnepal.org

WWOOF New Zealand

PO Box 1172, Nelson, New Zealand. Membership : Single/Double: NZ$45, Euro 27, AUS$43, US$23, £19, CAN$38, JPY 3800 Telephone (or Fax) +64 3 5449890 Email : support{at}wwoof.co.nz Web : www.wwoof.co.nz

WWOOF Portugal

Email: rodrigo{at}wwoofportugal.org Web : www.wwoofportugal.org

WWOOF Romania

Three host farms currently accepting volunteers and we are currently seeking out other hosts. email: wwoofromania{at}gmail.com web: www.wwoof.ro

WWOOF Sri Lanka

WWOOFLK is a group of young volunteers who are interested and working in organic agriculture in Sri Lanka. Web: www.wwoof.org/wwoofLK

WWOOF Sierra Leone

Contact person: Shed Jah, Director Tel: +232-33-278482 Email: crtpdprograms{at}yahoo.com Website address: www.wwoofsl.org


There are currently about 200 WWOOF farms listed Single membership : .20 Euros Joint membership (two people travelling together) : 40 Euros. Contact : Chemi Peña email: info{at}wwoof.es website: www.wwoof.es

WWOOF Sweden

There are currently 70 WWOOF farms listed. Sweden\'s website contains pictures and a presentation of each host. The annual membership fee is 15 Euros. Use the online forum to meet other WWOOFers online. Contact : Jandi Hallin Teleskopgatan 2 Lgh. 6:1 415 18 Göteborg Sweden Email : jandi{at}wwoof.se Web : www.wwoof.se

WWOOF Switzerland

WWWOOF Postfach 59, 8124 Maur, Switzerland. Membership : 20 Swiss Francs. Email : wwoof{at}gmx.ch Web : www.dataway.ch/~reini/wwoof/

WWOOF Taiwan

Membership 20 US$ Email: info{at}wwooftaiwan.com Web: www.wwooftaiwan.com

WWOOF Turkey

The Bugday Association for Supporting Ecological Living Luleci Hendek Caddesi No:120/2 Kuledibi-Beyoglu Istanbul, TURKEY Telephone: +90 (0) 212 252 5255 Fax: +90 (0) 212 252 5256 Email: info{at}tatuta.org Web: www.bugday.org/tatuta/?lang=EN, www.tatuta.org

WWOOF Uganda

Contact : Bob Kasule Address : PO Box 2001, Kampala, Uganda, East Africa We are listing 20 farms. Information / membership forms from the above address or by email. Subscription for printed list is GBP£20 sterling, 35$ or 25 Euros. PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH. Contact us to arrange a bank draft. Tel : 256-346856, 251276 Fax : 251273/4 Email : bob_kasule{at}yahoo.com


(United Kingdom of Great Britain and N. Ireland) England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the UK). To WWOOF in the UK, join WWOOF UK. PO Box 2154,Winslow, Buckingham, MK18 3WS, England, U.K. Membership £20.00 Joint Membership £30.00 Email : hello{at}wwoof.org.uk Web : www.wwoof.org.uk


Publishes an organic host farm directory with hosts in all 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii. PO Box 1098,Philmont, NY 12565 Email : info{at}wwoofusa.org Web : www.wwoofusa.org There are other separate WWOOF organisations in the USA:

WWOOF Venezuela

Web: www.wwoofvenezuela.com

North East Workers on Organic Farms (NEWOOF USA)

New England Small Farm Institute, PO Box 608, Belchertown, MA 01007,USA. Phone: (413)323-4531. E-mail: programs{at}smallfarm.org Web : www.smallfarm.org/newoof/ Farm List US$10. NOTE: Must be US resident. Supplies a list of farms in NE US only; mostly full season apprenticeships; will send list of other US farm apprenticeship programs. Does NOT supply either a USA list nor an International List.