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Irene Killeen

Hi, How does the calendar work? I can't figure it out, and it should be simple enough....

Rob website admin
Calendar instructions!

Instructions using laptops and desktop computers.

The calendar has two options, ‘Available’ in green and ' Booked’ in brown.

To use, please go to your profile edit page and select and highlight the ‘Fully Booked’ box above the calendar (when selected you will see a black dot highlighted on the left-hand side of the box)

If you single click on the start date the WWOOFer is arriving and the date they are leaving they should all turn brown except the leaving date you clicked on. To include the leaving date double click on the leaving date and that too will turn brown then save. Please now save the page and you will then see on your profile the dates selected now marked as booked in brown.

To then mark as available reverse the process above and save the page.

To book out a whole month, simply highlight ‘Fully booked’ in the box above and click on the month you wish to mark as booked and it will mark the full month as booked, then save the page.

Please note that if you do not wish the calendar displayed on your profile you will need to un-tick where is says ‘Enable the Availability calendar’ then save.

Instructions using mobile/cell phones and tablets.

To use the availability calendar on a mobile or tablet device please note that the default is set to available (green) though on some mobile devices the radio buttons by the selectors display a black dot, but on others they do not display the dot. Please follow the following instructions:

  1. Go to your profile edit page and scroll down to the Availability Calendar.
  2. Tap the brown 'Fully booked' selector above the calendar.
  3. Then tap a date from the start of the booking.
  4. Then tap the date after the date the WWOOFer leaves and you should see the dates selected turn brown, then don't forget to scroll down to bottom and save your changes.
  5. If you wish to change a whole month at a stroke, simply tap the month above the calendar block and the whole month will be selected, then save.
    To reverse the process simply tap the green available selector and follow the above procedure.

If you need anymore help or advice, please get in touch and I will be happy to help.

WWOOF Ireland website manager

Irene Killeen

thank you very much!