What's going on with wwoof ireland?

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Isabella and Andy
What's going on with wwoof ireland?

We have been hosting woofers for approximately 20 years and we have never experienced such a drought of wwoofers.
What is going on?
The more I look at the noticeboard and the more I am starting to think that it is a website for only hosts.
What happened to the wwoofers?
Something is not right here.....
When we didn't have a wwoof website and things were still done by pen and paper we had more enquiries and requests to host wwoofers than we had this year.
So where did all of the wwoofers go?
Could this have something to do with the website?

Jo Manager
Shortage of volunteers

It looks discouraging doesn't it. It's not the WWOOF website. When we did it by pen and paper or phone calls there were more volunteers about. This doesn't just apply to WWOOF , all the volunteer organisations are seeing a fall in numbers. There are no clear answers yet, but we are looking into it. Keep the faith Isabella and Andy.

Fintan devanney
Shortage of Wwoofers

Yes on the website there seems to be very few new Wwoofers, but personally we have been contacted by several Wwoofers over the recent months, who dont seem to post a notice on the noticeboard ? .
We are booked up to May 2020 which hasn't happened before ,so this good ? . I think this will righten itself when the new year comes in .