What amount of work/kind of work is reasonable?

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What amount of work/kind of work is reasonable?

My friend and I are currently wwoofing in Ireland and (I won’t name them for privacy sake) this is our current situation:

We are required to work 6 hours a day (with 2 days off at some point I’ll add). So far all we’ve been given for work (for this week) is weeding. Weeding their gravel car park, weeding the gravel pathways between buildings, etc. We weeded for 6 hours today in the rain. Are we just lucky that so far if a host knew it was going to pour all day, they wouldn’t have us work outside all day? Also if there was weeding, they at least wouldn’t have us do it as our main task? We understand weeding is necessary but we both actually want to learn things while we’re here. Is it wrong that we aren’t thrilled with our situation here? The thing is as well, which is not exactly their fault, but it now gets dark at 4:30pm, which is around when we finish work. Which means we pretty much have to stay in our accommodation for the rest of the day since it’s too dark to even go for a nice walk and actually get to see the area we’re staying in. Again, maybe we’re just being unreasonable about it? Are we expecting too much?

I've sent you an email about

I've sent you an email about this Jeff and Aileen.