Insurance clarification please

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Derrick McDaniel
Insurance clarification please

If I understand correctly the insurance included with my membership covers injury while carrying out wwoofing duties?

I've noticed a few post saying you must have you must have health insurance. Why is this if I'm covered by membership.

A lot of travel/medical insurance will not cover you for work unless you have the proper work/volunteer visa and wwoofing in Ireland does not qualify as a condition for either type of visa. ie world nomad which seems to be fairly popular falls into this situation if I've read their policy correctly.

Annie Admin
Thank you for this post.

Thank you for this post.
In response, the Insurance which has been included with the membership is a Personal Liability insurance - that is, it will cover for major injury or death to the insured or to a third party caused by the insured that results in disablement or inability to work. It does not replace health insurance for minor injury or hospital stays of a lesser nature.
Unfortunately this WWOOF personal liability insurance is coming to an end at the end of October. However, any WWOOFer who has joined up until the 31st October 2019 will be covered by this for the duration of their membership. After that we advise WWOOFers to take out their own personal liability insurance and will have links on the site where this can be obtained.
I hope that clarifies for you.