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Kalliope Fudulakos
Calling the host


I've got a problem...
I wrote to many hosts but most of them don't reply. But some of them noted their telephone number at their profile. Is it ok to call them, so I can ask them personal if they got vacancy for me or is this number for people who already stay in contact with this host and my call would just annoy them and would be too importunate, because they already got an email from me...?

Thank you already for your answers!

Rob website admin
Keep trying

Hello Kalliope,

The main advice I can give is please be patient! Please bear in mind that some hosts do not have an internet connection at home or might live in remote locations, and might only pick up emails once or twice a week. We are also into a very busy time of year for hosts so replies to your inquires may take a while. We do urge hosts to reply to WWOOFers emails, but sadly not all do. So please keep trying.

In answer to your question about if you should ring the host. That is up to you, It would be no harm to try ringing after leaving it a few days after you email before ringing.

Here are a few tips to help your search for placements:

1/ Check on the noticeboard for hosts looking for WWOOFers and place a notice yourself asking for placements for the times you want.
2/ Apply to as many hosts as possible. But DO NOT send a mass email. Hosts are far more likely to respond if you send a specific email to each host with as much information about yourself as possible and why you want to WWOOF with them. They appreciate it if you have spent time to read their profile and target them individually.
3/Check the list of newest hosts to join WWOOF Ireland, they are more likely to have places. There is a link to the list on the right of the front page of the website. (
4/Where the hosts have enabled their availability calendar in their profile, check they have availability when you want placements before contacting hosts.
5/A good idea is to include your phone number and Skype ID in the email to them, as some hosts prefer to use phone or Skype.

I hope that helps!

If you need more help, please contact us using the contact form on the website and we will be happy to help you.

WWOOF Ireland website manager.