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Visa Question

Hi everyone-- I'm planning to visit Ireland from the United States for more than 3 months, so I thought I needed a D Visa for Volunteer. But it looks like only approved organizations are eligible for that category. Does anyone know if WWOOF counts as one of those organizations, or if there's a completely different visa I should be applying for? Thank you!

Annie Admin
Hi there. The rules on Visas

Hi there. The rules on Visas and the requirements for organisations have changed very recently, and WWOOF is no longer able to provide the paperwork necessary to support this Visa. We are investigating what we can do, but it seems unlikely that we can help anymore. The best solution is to only come for the 3 months, but if you find out about any other Visas, please let us know.

Immigration rules?

I was almost denied entry into Ireland today. I am from the US. Two weeks ago I flew in to Dublin heading to Scotland. At Irish immigration, I said I was mainly a tourist, but will Wwoof alittle. I held a packet of documents... emails from hosts, return flight info, credit card statements proving I have the means to support myself ect. He did not look at it, but stamped me through. TODAY was a different story, the short version is immigration said I needed documents showing that I am an organic farmer, that room and board is considered being paid. After about 20 minutes and a 10 minute trip to go talk to a supervisor he let me in saying to never try to Wwoof in Ireland again. Americans beware.