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How to use this forum

This forum is for discussion about being a WWOOFer. It should not be used to exchange information about individual WWOOFers or Hosts.

Aunt Sherry
Finding the Host Profiles

I can't seem to find how to access the host profiles. I find a page that shows links to the newest hosts and can click on their links and see their profiles. I also see a page to preview the hosts in the different areas, but those previews don't have links to get to their profiles. Is the only way to find hosts from the noticeboard?

Use full host list!

Hello Sherry,
Please make sure you are logged in to our site and follow these instructions:

What you need to do is after you log in, go to your drop down menu on top right of site (blue button). Then click 'List of hosts' You can then select the region on the map you want, then select the county and you will see the list displayed for that county. Just click on the link of the farm you want then you will be directed to that host's profile page.

If you are using a tablet or mobile device, instead of the blue button on the right you will see below the WWOOF Ireland logo 'Member links'. Please click that for the drop down menu where you will find the 'list of hosts' link.

Please note that the Preview list on the front page cannot be used to contact hosts!

WWOOF Ireland website manager