Acceptable application from a wwoofer??

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Eileen Thomas
Acceptable application from a wwoofer??

This would not be atypical of applications I receive from 'wwoofers'....

"I would like to come to Ireland from the middle of October, for three months.

I’m not fully fluent in English but I I’m a quick study, I want to test myself and to really improve my English.
I really like your offer and I’d love to know more about it; if there’s a free spot in that period and you’d like to know more about me, please write me back so that we can exchange contacts and some more information.

Thanks for your attention."

To this all I can reply is that I'm not a language school...what do other hosts do? Would it be possible to have 'suggested ways to apply to hosts'. Or would it merely be misleading as many 'wwoofers' seem to see wwoofing as a way to improve their English as opposed to learning and participating in organic/sustainable living?

roury valley
There do seem to be many

There do seem to be many WWOOFers who want to improve their English. But in our experience so far, many of our most hard working and open to learning WWOOFers have also been the ones with the most limited English. It hasn't at all been a problem for us, but for other hosts it is for various different reasons, so would a standard heading in host profiles regarding language proficiency be an option? This might lessen the amount of emails that hosts receive who don't want to or can't act as an 'English school' as well as reassure the WWOOFers with more basic English that they are selecting a host who has the time to help with this.

Eileen Thomas
wwoofing as an English school etc

To be honest I have no problems with any level of English...but I am fed up with wwoofers placing the emphasis on 'wanting to improve their English' and say nothing about organic/sustainable living! I personally am a qualified TEFL/ESOL teacher and don't mind at all helping wwoofers with their English. I don't say so in my host profile, but I don't want wwoofers to treat wwoofing as a cheap option to going to a language school! Over the years that I have been hosting this has become an issue for me. I simply don't know how to 'improve' things with wwoofing but I have now started taking Workaway volunteers and the difference between volunteers is 'vast' so far.
One thing I do think is that the acronym for wwoofing should go back to 'Willing Workers on Organic Farms' as it actually mentions 'work'! Anyway, we do need to keep our thinking hats on how to 'improve' things!

Rob website admin
It was decided many years ago

It was decided many years ago to change the name after the international WWOOF community agreed that the word 'Workers' was contrary to our volunteer ethos. It was also causing confusion and problems for customs officials. So it was deemed necessary to change the name.

We are happy to stress that we are a voluntary organisation. As we are now an educational charity as well as a voluntary organisation we also have to be clear that there is no monetary exchange between host and WWOOFer and that WWOOFers are not treated as replacements for paid workers.

WWOOF Ireland team.

Irene Killeen
Woofing and learning English

Hi, I also got immense amounts of these kind of emails.
However, since the change of wwoof Ireland to educational charity and my subsequent changes in my profile, I noticed quite a change with the requests.
There was increased mentioning of willingness to learn about animals, growing and related activities and while learning English was still mentioned, it was so to a much lesser extend.
Not that I want to help people improve their language skills, on the contrary, but I'm not a teacher as such as I don't hold a qualification.
I hope this helps?

learning english

In my short experience, i found that when i accepted a woofer who did give me the exact same kind of reply regarding learning english etc - when she arrived her english was inpectable and i couldnt really offer much day to day instruction or correction as we went out daily work, i do think that other people from other areas of the euro zone who want to come to ireland like to feel that they want to intergrate and to write they want to learn as much english as possible is their way of letting you know that they do want the full package experience...

Fintan devanney

I think I.n this case a fair exchange, the wwoofer is coming to learn English , help on the farm, learn a new culture , isn't this the perfect situation , they give , you give , I think this is perfect .