Polytunnels for wheelchair users

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Polytunnels for wheelchair users

Hi everybody,
Is there anybody with experience in putting up tunnels for wheelchair users?

I work in a Cheshire home. We're currently planning a multi-sensory and crop-producing polytunnel & gardens for residents and visitors. This is what i'm thinking of at the moment:
- tunnel size 18 x 56 ft.
- to dig out topsoil & pour a layer of concrete. Build a surrounding block-wall (2 blocks high??) on that, plus raised beds. Erect the tunnel on top/over that.

If anybody here has any experience with this, let me know - i'd love to learn from you!


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I think I agree with Claudia

I think I agree with Claudia - it's difficult to see why the blocks are needed unless you want to raise the headroom at the sides of the tunnel. If this is the case, you could be better off with the design of tunnel that has vertical walls with a hooped roof. You will need concrete foundations for the walls for that type but not a raised wall.

If you need access to all parts of the raised beds, there will need to be cross paths as well as a central 'aisle'.

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Thanks for your comments! The

Thanks for your comments!
The extra height is needed more for the plants than the people. If we want beds of say 2 ft high, there's not eonough height for taller growing plants like cucumbers, except at the front of the bed, but then you're blocking access to space behind them.

The raised beds are needed as most residents have very limited (ccordinated)movement, and my wish is that they can release scents and feel textures of plants by just throwing out one arm a couple of inches. Does that mke sense? The closer we can bring the plants to the people, the more beneficial they are. This is the multi-sensory side of it. The vegetable side is for our own kitchen etc and will be managed by non-wheelchair users - maybe even a WWOOFer or two :-)

I'm now looking at an extra high tunnel with 4 ft straight sides, which i think bypasses the need to set the whole thing on blocks.
I didnt know this would need to be set on a foundation, am i wrong there?

And i would build beds & lay a floor first, we'd never be able to get at it otherwise without damaging the plastic, and filling those beds with 20 tonnes of soil you don't want to do by hand either!

Hi If you contact the Irish


If you contact the Irish Wheel Chair Association They should be able to help you.

There is a lot to think about. Slopes of paths, resting places with space for other people to pass, extra space for turning etc.

Hope this helps

Has anyone anything to add to this post ?

Hi Everyone

We have had a more recent inquiry about polytunnels and wheelchair users. In this case it is a large electrical wheel chair that needs access. Does anyone have anything more to add to the above posts?

Thank you