Unhygienic and thieving woofers..

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Unhygienic and thieving woofers..

I have hosted two different woofers,a young couple and a guy.

The girl left the bathroom in a disgusting state, which you wouldn't expect on meeting her.

They also stole the best saucepan in the house, a good quality kitchen knife, and several things from the bathroom. I'm only discovering what they stole when I wish to use it and can't find it, so heavy knows what else is stolen.

I opened up my home to strangers and trusted them. Needless to say I won't be doing so again. I can't see an option to leave feedback about a woofer.

Has anyone else had such experiences?

roury valley
Sorry you've had such an

Sorry you've had such an experience. We are also relatively new hosts, having hosted 13 different WWOOFers in the past 17 months but have never had an experience like you describe - I would say it is definitely the exception rather than the rule. Our experiences have been almost always extremely positive with WWOOFers, so you were probably just unlucky! We only ever once had an issue and even then, it was not at all a serious one. Hope you're not totally put off hosting, they're really not all like that!

Jo Manager
Problem wwoofers

Hi Bernice,

WWOOF Ireland take it very seriously when a host has a bad experience with their wwoofer/s. As complaints manager I urge you and any other host finding they have a problem on their hands to contact the WWOOF team at once. There are things we can do, we may be in a position to sanction the wwoofer, and remember theft is a crime. If it needs reporting to the Gardae then they should be informed. We have a zero tolerance policy towards law breakers, be they hosts or wwoofers.

Annies Farm Pro...

Hello Bernice,
We have had a similar situation recently with really unhygienic woofers leaving our accommodation in a pretty gross state,
Really nasty bathroom was vile.
I suppose you get an undesirable outcome every now and again.