Anyone else having an issue with immigration lately?

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Ed Harper
Anyone else having an issue with immigration lately?

It seems that more and more woofers are arriving into the country and being given a significantly shortened timeframe in which to be in the country. I have seen several cases this year where people plan for 3+months and are only given permission to stay in the country a month. Is anyone else having this issue? Is there anything that can be done?

Annie Admin
Immigration information

Although Immigration handling has changed from the Gards to the Department of Justice this year, we are still in close contact with the Immigration office, and as far as we know our 'Immigration ID' - that all WWOOFers are asked to fill in and print if they are from outside the EU - is still recognised. We have had no communication from any WWOOFers who have had any problems, other than one or two who have not read all the information that we give them and have not come prepared with all the right documentation - for example ticket out of the country or health insurance evidence. We do know that volunteers from other organisations who do not get this support have been having some problems however, so maybe these are not WWOOFers, but from somewhere else? But what we ask is that if anyone hears of Immigration problems, Hosts and WWOOFers alike, they get in touch with us straight away, please do not leave it until the end of the year!
Earlier this year a new year long Volunteer Visa started, and we are pleased to say that after negotiating with the authorities on this, our first long-term volunteer has just been cleared to come here!
Any problems, please always get in touch with the office as soon as you can - and thank you for raising the issue Ed - maybe you could contact the office with the details of volunteers who had this problem so we could check it out?

Colin and Aliso...
Immigration Issues

There certainly seems to have been a big change in 2018. Woofers required to show bank accounts online, proof of host's invitation and a hostile attitude. What is going on ??? Ireland should be promoting tourism, not demonising students who want to come here & volunteer. Today's wwoofers will probably be tomorrow's tourists with money to spend. At least, we now know to warn them about what is needed at the airport.