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Regional host representatives

It is difficult for us to be responsive to local needs. We do have regular communication with many hosts to help with specific problems or queries but there have been several occasions where we really needed to ask someone in a particular area to help with problems concerning WWOOFers who were experiencing difficulties of some kind, or liaise with hosts, or perhaps to provide us with some local information and advice. The distribution of hosts varies considerably across Ireland. Some areas (such as West Cork) have a high density, other areas have few hosts. We are proposing that groups should comprise a set number of hosts in some areas and a specific geographical area in others.

We suggest that a regional group could take on these roles...

  • Create a communication network to share information, support and expertise between hosts in the group
  • Promote the values of WWOOF locally and recruit new members
  • Feedback local issues to the WWOOF Ireland team
  • Provide support for new members
  • Provide support for WWOOFers if necessary.

We are inviting your responses to these questions....

  1. What do you think of the idea of regional host representatives and groups?
  2. Do you think hosts in your area would want to be involved in a regional group?
  3. Would you be interested in being considered as a representative for a group of hosts in your area?
  4. Do you have any comments on the roles listed above?
  5. Do you have any thoughts about how groups in your location should be set up regarding numbers and areas covered?

Please help to get this right - it’s your opportunity to be involved in the development of WWOOF Ireland!

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hi peter, here what i think

hi peter,

here what i think about the questions 1-5


i personally would find it extremely important to have a person who can be contacted by wwoofers which have difficulties with their situation. what i mean by 'situation' can be anything really i guess. sure not everything can be solved but just to have a person to talk to in case things go wrong would be an improvement. i just try to put myself in the situation to be in a foreign place, know nobody, have problems that i am seemingly alone with......


i would not know enough hosts (apart from sheepshead) to give an opinion about others, but i would be happy to be part of a local/regional group.


don't think so. i have a full time job and i don't think i have an 'alternative' enough mindset to deal with everything entirely unbiased. it would have to be a person with some means of individual transport i imagine and a bunch of time.


the roles described make sense. i feel strongest about support in case things go wrong either for the host or the wwoofer. looking at the number of hosts and the number of posts on the notice board it would seem to me that there are more hosts in need of wwoofers than wwoofers in need of hosts, would that be a correct observation ? if that is correct then there would be no need to get more hosts on board.


would it make sense to break it down to county level ? ok, co. cork is rather large in compare to some other counties. maybe it is possible to take a map and put dots with a marker at each hosts place. that should give an idea how it makes sense to divide into local/regional groups. it may also be important to take into consideration the time and effort to travel in case 'on site' support is needed.

thanks peter for putting this out here, i appreciate very much to have the opportunity to get involved in some way.

Have Fun!

We have created a map of

We have created a map of hosts for administrative purposes and an image of it is here (you will need to copy the link into your browser)

The markers are not located precisely so the map is only a general indication of the geographical distribution of hosts. It was created a while ago so may not be complete, but it gives a good idea of the distinct clusters and areas where there are fewer hosts.

In case anyone asks, we are unable to publish the map in its original format with links to hosts' pages because we do not have permission to do so from our members and there are technical issues that we have not been able to overcome, but this screenshot should help with the discussion here.

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no, link works for me here in

no, link works for me here in ireland as well as from abroad.


Rock Farm Slane
Hello Peter, I'd be happy to

Hello Peter, I'd be happy to form part of a regional network for the North East. I've met a few hosts over my time hosting Wwoofers, but on very few occasions have we had time to sit down and talk. I think we're all on the same wavelength and organic farms don't do so well when they become isolated islands. So I think there could be peripheral benefits for us all.
As I'm fairly new to Ireland and organic farming, it would probably be better to elect someone to represent us North-Easterners. But I'd be happy to sound my contacts out if you wish. All the best, Carina

Thanks Carina - that is very

Thanks Carina - that is very encouraging!

I imagine that the activities and sense of identity of a regional grouping would be entirely up to its members, and, as you say, would help to generate common benefits.

It would certainly be useful to hear if other hosts near you would welcome this!

Eileen Thomas
Great idea for regional host

Great idea for regional host reps, I'd be happy to take part, tho not much time for physical meetings, but skype, phone, e mail, this site and the 'odd' gathering may be useful perhaps.
keep up the good work!

Jo Fowler
Hi Annie, My reply may have

Hi Annie,
My reply may have got mixed up with all the "techy" talk about finding links!
If you need anyone to help out up here in the "frozen north", I'll do anything I can.
I think we do need regional reps in one form or another.

Caroline and Diane
OK, this falls in with our

OK, this falls in with our thinking, for sure! There is a need for Community Cohesion

We should be building local networks now, as the world is becoming a more unstable place (no matter what we think about our utopian islands we have built over the years, the world will knock at the door sooner or later) We have to be prepared, and it is better to do this in community than alone. So, build a community, yes, we must do this, but on the basis of volunteerism. This must be about people getting together because they want to!

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I'd be interested in this

I'd be interested in this idea as well.
I wouldn't be up for the job of representative but definitely interested in arranging local meetings with other wwoof hosts. I don't know the wwoof hosts in my area, so can only speak for myself. Maybe a county meetings in a central location is the first step and then taking the finding group representatives, subdividing in smaller groups, finding suitable more local locations for meetings for smaller groups from there.
Just thoughts.
Hope you all had a good start into Spring. This morning was just lovely here in the Burren.

Annie Admin
Great if you are into the

Great if you are into the idea of meetings! Its always been the intention to try and make more connections on a personal level - I hope you received an email about the launch of WWOOF Ireland Ltd - so more discussion about this could be on the agenda for meetings there. More information will be out to hosts about this later in the week.

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I am not often in the forum

I am not often in the forum but when there I do try to catch up with what is happening. I am wondering if the idea of regional meetings or regional hosts has been taken any further.yours, Fionnan


I do think that local 'help' would be much appreciated in the north west [ sligo area] [ via skype - telephone - email etc ] some kind soul who would be around the make sense of a problem or to advise etc - all of us are pretty busy already with our own homes/smallholdings and dont have alot of time to be reps, but i would be happy to help out in regard to our local area especially as i have spent some considerable time in france and know how the culture is - and how to communicate in french [ most of my wooffer applications have been from france]

Isabella and Andy

Hi Elaine,
I am in Blacklion Co. Cavan, not quite regional but close enough to Sligo (45 mins drive).
Happy to meet up if you are interested to meet another host, and happy to do what I can in the North West, but unable to travel for now, recovering from injury.
I am Italian and I can at least help with the language barrier and I understand and know both cultures Italian and Irish quite well.
I have been living in Ireland for the past 30 years.