General questions

Here is advice on creating a secure password:

Please login and go to your account/edit page.

If you have forgotten your password, please go to the member login page and towards the bottom there is a button 'GO' link. Please click or tap the link to access a temporary login link. You will then need to input your username or email address associated with the site. You will then be sent the link to your email address.

If you click the link in the email you should be taken to your account where you must input your password immediately and save page before navigating around the site.

The password will have to be a minimum length of 10 Alpha-numerical characters containing a minimum of the following:

  1. Two capital letters.
  2. Three lower case letters.
  3. Two digits (numbers).
  4. One punctuation character (can be any of the following: , . / ; ' # < > ? : @ ! " £ % ^ & *).

If you submit a password that does not meet the requirements there will be a helpful message telling you what you are missing and what to add.

If you continue to have problems, please contact the Website manager for assistance via the 'Contact' button above in the main menu.

When you have inputted your password you need to tick the box 'I'm not a robot' and wait for it the tick to complete or you will be asked to select certain squares from a photo that contain a certain item that it asks for. Once that has completed (It can take a few seconds to complete) please then click the 'Login' box below to login (If using mobile device, It is advised to enlarge the image with the squares to see it clearer, using your forefinger and thumb).

If you are still having problems, please contact the Website Manager using the 'Contact' button above in the main menu with as much detailed information as possible about which part of the process you are having problems with and explain what type of computer are you using to access our website (Laptop/desktop, tablet or mobile/cell phone etc)?

If you get a 'Oops! We seem to have a problem...' message when you log in or nothing you do seems to work, you should clear your internet files and cookies - your internet browser may be 'remembering' incorrect details. See THIS PAGE for instructions.

Then check you have your cookies enabled in your browser. See THIS PAGE for instructions.

Some users with Internet Explorer version 6 have experienced problems with the username box not accepting input. IE6 is now an outdated browser and the problems disappear if you upgrade. Changing to Firefox is recommended - it is available as a free download HERE .

If you forget your password there is a facility to request a temporary login where you can change your password. Click the button to get a temporary login link 'GO' under the login box on the member login page. You will be sent a link that will give you temporary access - you must set up your own password immediately before navigating around your account, or you will need to request another temporary login to change your password. Note that the temporary link expires after 1 day.

To register/subscribe on the site, your email address must not have been used already on the site.

Your email address will not be visible to other users and not shared with a 3rd party in accordance with EU data protection legislation.

If you have uploaded an image but it will not display, it is usually because the file name contains illegal characters. You will need to rename the file using only Aa-Zz, 0-9 characters and upload it again. Please note the photo must be under 2Mb in size.

When in your Host or WWOOFer profile edit form, click on the 'Browse' button. This will open a window showing files on your computer. Navigate to the image you want to upload. Select the image ('open' in Windows) and then click 'Upload' in your profile form. Wait for the image to upload. It will be resized to fit on the site, but your original will be untouched. Please note that you must then save the page before navigating away or your upload will be lost.

Please then check your photogragh has the correct orientation. A common problem now with photograghs taken with mobile/cell phones is that they display on their side. If this happens you will need to use some image manipulation software to orientate them correctly then to upload them again to your profile. A good open source software for this operation is Gimp

Image file size

There is a maximum limit of 2 megabytes for uploads but images will be automatically re-sized to much smaller than this (your original will not be altered). If you have a slow connection and need to make your picture smaller, try one of these methods:

For Windows see the instructions HERE

There are also image resizing services online. Try HERE or Google 'Image resize' or use Gimp