Can we leave before the end if necessary

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Can we leave before the end if necessary

Hello, everybody. With my husband we arrive in Ireland next April. We are supposed to try two Woofing experiences with two different hosts which looks great. But I have a question. Here is the second host in whom we go we ask to stay at least 3mos. So far no problem. But what will happen if however we do not feel well and we wish to stop the adventure with them. Is that possible? If yes how to proceed? Maybe I worry unnecessarily but as it is a first experience I would like to be reassured about the possibility of leaving if necessary. Should one give notice for example a week? Thank you for your answers.

Jo Manager
Hi, in the first instant we

Hi, in the first instant we would advise you to be open in communicating with your hosts. If there is something troubling you, more than just, say, cultural differences it is always good to discuss it in a calm and friendly manner. If the problems are insurmountable, then a week's notice is not unreasonable.
Best of luck.

Caraiosa Retrea...
Do we have to stay

The wwoof relationship is one of trust. The rules are clear for hosts and volunteers. If either party is not doing as recommended eg making wwoofers work too many hours or providing poor accommodation, then the contract should be considered broken and you should not feel obliged to stay. A weeks notice sounds very fair, especially if conditions are not as described.