WWOOFing while jobsearching?

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WWOOFing while jobsearching?

Hi there, I'm new and this is a first post.

I'm from the US and have Irish citizenship by descent. I'm planning to move permanently to Ireland, and I'm thinking about WWOOFing as my first step moving into the country. I've been applying to jobs in Ireland for a while but having an American address seems to be a big problem.

My question is: How realistic is the prospect of WWOOFing and job searching in my free time? I expect that if I'm WOOFing that I'll be working 30-40 hours per week and I am okay with that. I am thinking of searching for a job in my free time. I would be transparent about my intentions with the host and give two weeks notice to the WWOOF host if/when I do find a paying job. Is this a realistic plan? Has anyone else done this?



Annie Admin
Investigate fully........

As long as your Host is fully aware of your intentions, and that if you find a job you could be leaving their place as a WWOOFer with only short notice, then we don't see that this is a problem. However, do remember that when joining WWOOF you are making a strong commitment to learning about Organic Growing and Sustainable living, and that should really be your priority when contacting Hosts to come WWOOFing.

As for finding employment, it is our understanding that with Irish citizenship you should be are able to live and work in the Republic of Ireland, but it is your responsibility to investigate this yourself. So we strongly advise that you contact the Irish Immigration authorities here and ask them to advise you on any steps you may need to take before you can legally apply for employment.
Hope that helps!