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Need help now - eco campsite

Due to cancellations from 1 wwoofer and 1 "no-show"
we are in immediate need of help. 1 or 2 wwoofers til June 1st from now. Over 20 yrs old and enthusiastic please. Preparing for opening campsite and help in
day to day campsite running. Check out our profile for more details.
Many thanks.

Posted by Trea and Kevin Heapes 9 hours 56 min ago

Available now


we are two 19 years old wwoofers and we are available from now until the 28th of may.
Since now, we did gardening and building work, so we know the most basic stuff.
We would prefer a place close to Galway or Dublin.
So if you need help, just write us.

Kind regards,
Lukas and Johannes

Posted by Johannes Lukas 10 hours 33 min ago

one or two woofers needed

Room for one or two woofers from now till 23rd june, Trix and Kate's

Posted by trix and kate's 10 hours 40 min ago


One month remaining!

If you live on an organic farm, you probably know about Monsanto, and do your share to stop this evil corporation.
But why not march with thousands of others to raise awareness?

May 24th, in Dublin and perhaps in Cork, let's MARCH!

See you there!

Posted by Agladam 13 hours 30 min ago

United demand

We came in Ireland for 6 months with our adorable dog sterilized and our van. For personal reasons we have to leave 10 days in France in the course of May. We found flights cheap but we have no solution to make keep our dog.if you know kennels or farm which can take care of it thank you for contacting me. We take fly of Shannon.
thanks a lot
Mel et Jm

Posted by mel et jm 18 hours 50 min ago

Looking for a host from 24th (about) of July


My name is Valentina, I'm a 28 years old italian woman. I'm looking for someone who can host me from 24th of July, for a couple of weeks. I'll probably be in the surroundings of Ballinagough the days before this date, so if you have a place which is not too difficult to reach maybe is better...but, anyway, wherever you are, I'll be glad to hear about you and to try to get the chance to meet you!

What can I say about me? I'm studying to become a teacher at University, and during the school year I work in my town's theatre and I teach choir lessons to children aged from 2 to 8. I also organize art-labs for schools. In my free time I like to have long walks with my dogs and dance (I attend a oriental dance course).

I belive in a sustainable way of life, but I have a lot to learn about it. I'd like, one day, have the chance to live both teaching to children and farming with my family. In the meantime, I'd like to learn something new.
This is my first experience as a wwoofer, and I'd like to help you (if you'd like!) for one or two weeks during this summer.

If you wish, just contact me and we can arrange everything!
Thank you! =)


Posted by Valentina Sfiligoi 20 hours 40 min ago

immediate start

Hi all
Due to a lot of work piling up in the garden , we need two people ( couple or friends) to help us along with weeding, planting re-potting and some building work as well. We are looking for motivated people who can see what needs to be done and do it. If you feel up for it please contact us
Thanks Ragna

Posted by cloontabonnive 21 hours 57 min ago

Looking for a host for late June to July

Hello! We are sisters from the US and would love to WWOOF somewhere this summer in late June to early July. Sabrina (22) is graduating from Columbia University this May with a degree in Sustainable Development. At school she's a Food and Dining Ecology Representative and teaches students about nutrition, tap water, and not wasting food in dining halls. Having enjoyed her Global Food Systems and other sustainable development courses so much, she decided to write a thesis in conjunction with the Tropical Agriculture department of the Earth Institute at Columbia University.

Paris (turning 17) is a rising senior in high school and loves learning about conservation. She works at a local aquarium, introducing marine life to the public and teaching them about environmental topics.

We both love the outdoors and all activities involving nature. We both really enjoy capturing nature through art, hiking, and exploring. While we do not have that much experience with farming, we understand the importance of and appreciate fresh produce and other goods. We are quick learners and are looking forward to learning more about farming. We also work as a great team. We are very interested in learning about Irish traditions and culture as well.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Posted by pkorman 1 day 20 min ago

Woofer available starting June 20 for 2-3 weeks!

I am 21 years old, from near New York City in America and studying abroad at University of Limerick for 3 weeks at the beginning of the summer. After my studies I plan on wanting to spend more time in Ireland and hope to get in a little farming as well. I don't have much previous organic farming experience but am a quick learner and hard, enthusiastic worker that would love to find out more about Irish life and culture. Thank You!

Posted by n02400919 1 day 11 hours ago

Carpenter or builder needed for one week

We are building an eco-hut and could do with some assistance with the technical part of the build. If you have experience in building we would be delighted to have you for a week or so, commencing immediately.

Posted by trinityisland 1 day 13 hours ago

help needed

We have vacancy for one helper for first 2 weeks of May. Check our profile and see if you want to come to a busy home where we work hard and play hard and enjoy living.

Posted by ann moynagh 1 day 13 hours ago

looking for hosts for 2 months

I join a hotel school in September 2014 and for this it’s important for me to learn English.
It’s reason for wich I am looking a family who could accommodate me and feed me in exchange for my services for 2 months (June, July or August).
I worked in B&B (it’s La Maison Carrée in Lille) for 6 months in 2009 where I took reservations and welcome customers and I did ménage tasks and breakfast service.
During 9 months in 2012 and 2013 I worked for a family I was babysitter of 2 children’s (2 and 5 years old) from finish school at the sunset. I gave bath and I played with them and I prepare food.

My grand-father had horses then I am confortable with horses and I went horse riding during 10 years ago.
I like discover and learn of new things and I would love can help you.
In change of my services, I would like find a family where I will be used and fed for june and july.
I’m available for others questions if you want.

my profile is margotbarbelariviere

Posted by margotbarbelariviere 1 day 14 hours ago


I'm young french women (21 years old)
I'd be available from July 7th to August 1st 2014.
I'm currently preparing the competitve entrance exam for a Veterinary School or Agronomy School.

I'd be very happy to get the job as it would provide me the opportunity to improve my English skills and to get some work experience.
As woofers, I'm hard working, reliable and very responsible and I'm sure I could be helpful.
I want to discover the farm's world and Irish culture
I can also cook if needed or take care of children of course, I have a good contact with kids.

I'd be very grateful if you could give me further information about the job, the hours and the accommodation. I'm at your disposal to give you more information about my motivations and background.

Posted by deborahS 1 day 14 hours ago

2 wwoofers for july/august

Hallo Irish hosts!
We are 2 Italian boys, Gianluca and Elia, both 16 years old. We are
interested in improving our English and experiencing new things.
We've been studying English for 13 years now and we think we are ready to travel
alone and swing by ourselves, and would like to work with nature. We found
out your organization, which seems to be pretty interesting, and we decided to
come to Ireland because it's a beautiful place to live in.
We have practically no skills and experience in terms of farming but we are really hard-working and we are
willing to learn new things.
For our first experience we would prefer gardening works such us harvesting, cutting, weeding, and general farm maintenance.

We are looking for a host from late July to mid August. We would like to stay for 3/4 weeks.

Contact us!

Elia Galli
Gianluca Scuccato (who is a wwoofer too) see his profile "gianluca scuccato"

Posted by ELIA GALLI 1997 1 day 15 hours ago

Looking for hosts in July and August!

We are two friends (24-26) who are looking for some place to wwoof in July and August. We would like to gain new experience, improve English skills and meet new people with different culture.
We really like nature!
Also, we are ready to be in some place few weeks!
Look at our profile and contact us if you are interested!
Thank you!:D

Posted by Satija 1 day 15 hours ago